Security Operations Centre (SOC as a Service)

Our MDR provides excellent visibility into your environment and end-to-end coverage of your attack surfaces. You will get real-time threat detection, 24×7 threat hunting, thorough investigations, and complete incident response lifecycle support.

Our focus is not on raising alerts but on delivering excellent security outcomes and defending your business from disruptions and data breaches.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence

End-to-End Risk Management

We work 24×7 to ensure your security controls are operational, and all layers of your defences are effective. Our service will identify your risks, provide ongoing detection and mitigation of security threats, and support your security program with valuable insights and a continuous improvement focus.

Get Full Visibility

Start visualising your security data immediately with our XDR platform (can be delivered as a fully managed cloud, or an on-premises solution).

Scale Out Capability, Not Headcount

You do not need an extra headcount to oversee your cyber security function. Our team will detect and investigate all threats in your environment and will completely integrate them into your processes and workflows.

Counter Security Incidents

Our team will monitor the environment 24×7 and will help you to contain and completely eradicate detected threats, and support you through the whole incident response cycle.

SOC as a Service